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Film Seed Festival is an open-air, agricultural Film Festival powered by the energy and nutrition that can be cultivated and produced in the very same field that eventually hosts it. Its production is achieved through the collaboration of agriculture, science, technology,art and local actors, aiming to strengthen the sustainability and regenerate the cultural resiliency of small rural communities.


Small islands such as Tinos of the Cyclades where Film Seed Festival takes place, are unique and fragile hubs of culture and biodiversity. The communities that inhabit them face increasing environmental, economic, and social problems. These are caused by a combination of factors including the effects of climate change, total dependency on the mainland for basic needs such as energy, fuel, and nutrition, water and land scarcity, inefficient waste management, and a felt isolation, a migrating and aging population, caused by lack of career opportunities and cultural stimulation. The discourse, research and resource needed to design and implement solutions is continuously de-prioritized due to the economic and cultural dependency of these communities on the tourism industry.


Each Film Seed Festival begins by asking in what ways can the agricultural practice be empowered to function as an environmental, social and culturally regenerative force for these communities.


Each Film Seed Festival not only presents ecological content, but is, in itself, in its own method of production, an act of designing self-efficiency.


Every iteration begins by designing of a carefully structured narrative of interdisciplinary collaboration, aiming to produce power and provide nutrition for each festival, These narratives bring together actors from the fields of agriculture, science, technology, the arts with actors from the local community to collaboratively plant, grow, experiment, and in the end come together for a harvest celebration in modern terms. 



Film Seed_Peanut Pod_planting day_2022 Komi Tinos_photos by HYPERCOMF_J.jpg

The first Film Seed Festival “Powered by Peanuts” was planted in May 2022 and harvested in October 2022. All the energy requirements, in terms of electricity and nutrition for the three nights of gatherings and film projections were produced by the cultivation of a peanut crop in the field that the festival was consequently hosted.

This first iteration was made possible through the "Repairing the Present" program of S.T.+ARTS project of the European Commission co-founded by Onassis Stegi as a reply to the "Smart Agriculture" Regional Challenge.

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