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Fish kissed is a short film about the relationship between the urban home and the ocean, the narrative takes place entirely over a kitchen sink.

Fish kissed examines both the physical connection between human spaces and marine ecosystems and their cultural connection, for example through references of food preparation, traditional song, eco-news and climate worries, the practise of ichthyomancy (a divination by means of the heads or the entrails of fishes) and biopsy, to foresee the future .

The film stars a woman and a sea urchin whose relationship seems to be based on a parallel co-domestication process .

The film examines the juxtaposed perception of the sea as a “trophos” -a pleasure, resource and nutrition provider- and waste ground,

the cultural stylisation of the marine ecosystem mostly by the tourism and energy sectors and the future of the oceans.


Fish Kissed


10 min.

color, sound

Directed and written by Hypercomf



Voice Acting / Radio Presenter - Romanna Lobach

Lady cleaning fish - Polyxeni Faliaga

Fish kissing - Sofia Argyropoulou & Paola Palavidi


Produced by Hypercomf

Director of photography & Colorist - Alexandros Tiniakos

Sound design & mix - Panagiotis Papagiannopoulos

Foley Recording - Aggelos Paschalidis


Animation - Pheta Digital

Stathis Nikou - Creature TD

Dimosthenis Vagias - Animation

Fotinos Chiolos - Composition



“The Sea Pounds Me” from the album “Of Nature and of Love”

by Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association Choir

Violin - Nikos Oikonomidis, Lavta - Socrates Sinopoulos

Santur - Ourania Lambropoulou, Lute - Kostas Papaprokopiou

This film is produced as part of the project Marine Caves and Benthic Terrazzo, an art and science collaboration between Hypercomf and marine biologist Markos Digenis. Within the framework of STUDIOTOPIA program at Onassis Stegi with support of the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union.

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