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Eating and Killing and Marrying


"Eating and Killing and Marrying" is a short film created using a mechanical rotation element, used in Greece during Easter celebrations to roast a lamb on a spear, as well as props from the artists' personal family photographic archives, and objects found washed ashore on the beaches of Tinos island. These items, carefully set in apparent perpetual rotation, activate questions about what we choose to personally or collectively preserve in historical archives, contrasting it with what will actually endure as future tangible evidence of our culture. Certain plastics have comparable lifespans to objects crafted from rock, while mediums like photography and digital data are fragile and probably perishable in the long term.  The film visualises our fragmentary perception of the past, the time-tumbling of personal and global memory and how this mechanism in its turn informs the actions that shape future memories.


Eating and killing and marrying  2017

single channel HD video

2 minutes, 23 seconds

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