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Eating and Killing and Marrying


"Eating and killing and marrying" is a short film created using mechanical rotation elements and props from the artists personal family photographic archives as well as objects found washed ashore on Tinos island beaches were the artists reside. These items are set in apparent perpetual motion, they represent what would be humanity’s future historical artefacts. The film raises the issue on what we choose to personally or collectively try to historically archive in comparison to what will actually be left behind as proof of our times and culture, some plastics have the same life span as objects made of rock, photography and digital data are perishable in the long term and history unavoidably tends to make generalized conclusions on generations past. The film studies our idea of the present towards future reference and subtitles it with Hypercomfs original poetry.


Eating and killing and marrying  2017

single channel HD video

2 minutes, 23 seconds

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