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“Primordial Soup” is a short film produced in April 2020, based on the dialogue between masked humans and animal masks interacting by exchanging Haiku poetry by Kobayashi Issa. The masks are mixtures of animal and human spirits and tragic characters, loosely based on existing artefacts.  The beat and insight of the Haiku interaction resembles both separate monologues and a conversation, simulating being alone and at the same time interacting with multiple solitudes through digital means. Fittingly exchanging small and vast daily realizations.  Intercepting the conversation are brief instances of self reflection that illustrate through object and animal protagonists the historically charged relationship that has created the false sense of otherness between humans and the natural. “Maybe this world is a mistake, but the cherry trees blossom”


This artwork was created on the occasion of the Anthropocene On Hold, PCAI's first online group exhibition. More at

Primordial Soup (2020)
digital color video with sound, 04:00
haiku poetry by Kobayashi Issa (1763-1827)

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