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2021 zooms in the microbial world around us and researches territory, technology and ecology, in terms of wild and domesticated microbial life and the personal, economic, and labor relationships that humans have been developing with microbes.


Specifically, one of the most used and commodified of all microbes, the common baker’s yeast, Saccharomyces cerevisiae and its

hyper-popular products of bread and brew. 

This industrial workhorse of a microorganism is a true expression of biocultural diversity,  and one of the mostfrequently found microorganisms in the science lab. Yeast can be found in and all around us and even in Space as a passenger onboard various scientific studies such as NASA's Biosentinel research project.

Biosentinel project, has produced a prototype transportable community solar cooker whose construction  plans are available to download in the projects dedicated webpage.

The solar cooker was first tested out in a small celebration called Yeast Feast, in the former Alykes of Anavyssos, in May 2020

The solar cooker, video documentation of Yeast Feast and Neighborhood Brews an installation of wild yeast starters using plants from different urban parks of Athens city where presented in during a month long exhibition Biosentinel.Lab

During the entire duration of the exhibition visitors were offered a specially brewed Neighborhood Brew wild yeast soda, naturally carbonated and bottled, made by Hypercomf using the leaves of three common plants in Athens, pine tree leaves, olive tree leaves and lemon tree leaves.


Step by step information on how to collect wild yeast, which can be used to start a sourdough or a wild brew/soda can also be found in webpage, linked below.

The webpage also includes new interviews with professor Dr Ioannis Ieropoulos discussing microbial fuel cell technology, Dr Joshua D. Evans who participated in a recent MIT study on fermentation in space and Oxford University assistant professor Beth Greenhough who studies the social stance on microbial life.

Additional links throughout the webpage provide starting points to further explore the online yeast microbial territory.

Co-funded by the Creative Europe Programme of the European Union, as part of the project The Table and the Territory hosted in Greece by and supported by the French Institute of Greece.

Biosentinel Yeast Feast

Film Still from Yeast Feast documentation of solar cooker test drive

Biosentinel Neighborhood Brew installation view of Neighbourhood soda in October 2021

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