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Matter delights & Artificial instincts 2018


First Draft

13-17 riley street

Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

Sydney / Australia

Photos by Zan Wimberley

Matter Delights and Artificial instincts is an installation of elements first brought together in First Draft Australia, examining the concepts of family, social, sex and gender roles mostly through textural allusions in both material and video format. Object protagonists, repurposing of fabrics of familiar function, organic and mechanical props , all participating in a narrative of matter and its relation to instinct, the idea of lessons of life and childhood. 


Comprised of two video pieces Fathers Delight and Calor as well as two free standing fabric pieces. The videos star a collection of props twisting on a rotisserie mechanism traditionally used for the Greek Easter roasting of the lamb, which animates towers of eggs, bread , scratched, bones, instants tearing away, sunrise to sunset the full rotation of time. And in Calor an outdated and painful plastic anti-cellulite personal massager, frustrated, tries to sculpt all the surfaces around it. 


The video is placed behind and obscured by two tapestries, standing upright in space like playing cards, made of cotton bed sheets quilted with pieces of clothing, towels and pillowcases, fragmented and reattached. The floating figure is a bust with many arms and many skills and the grounded figure’s head is on fire. Made of the right material to set up a home, your towels and your sheets, wrapped in a familiar nurturing discomfort, somewhere to rest a head.


Fathers delight  2017

single channel HD video with sound

2 minutes, 39 seconds

Two channel video and sound installation view

Left: The Uniform 2017

Right: The Method 2017

cotton fabric, cotton towel, felt, pillows

sweatshirt, jeans, bleached denim, wool sweater sleeves

clothing labels, synthetic fabric, embroidery

left : H: 168 cm W: 139 cm

Right :H: 145 cm w: 263 cm


Calor 2017

single channel HD video with sound

5 minutes, 8 seconds

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