Matter delights & Artificial instincts 2018


First Draft

13-17 riley street

Woolloomooloo NSW 2011

Sydney / Australia

Photos by Zan Wimberley

Using reclaimed fabrics and items of clothing Hypercomf creates soft personal artwork and sets it in ritual play with object protagonists.

Can matter take on the full symbolism of human emotion and sentiment?

We are material beings, pleasure seekers, hard working, erotic and spiritual and always surrounded by the appropriate objects big and small.

The first object outside of the human body is always in contact with the skin, like the atmosphere on the earth, it is fabric, clothing, coat, hat ,blanket.

Hypercomf creates works using reclaimed fabrics obtained through donations, second hand markets and outdated stock fabric shops.

Each item is chosen through the chaos of unwanted fabric because of its ability to represent either a point of time historic or physical , convey a personal character or a mass culture. All these individual items are stitched and sewn merging to create a new object of different function.

A process of appropriating fragments of an old culture to create the expression of a new era that has been used by humans frequently especially in the  building of temples and religious buildings in ancient times.

Discarded fragments repurposed as symbols of life and the way we have chosen to evolve society, industry and technology.

After the first layer of matter ,our clothes and fabrics,  there is an endless expanse of object and materiality, from the keyboard this text is written on, all the way to the screen it is read on and all the  asphalt, food and energy between them.

Everyday these objects are given life and meaning through constant ritualistic play, with processes overcomplicated and indulgent. Hypercomf produces video where it sets such objects as the protagonists of ritual narratives and emotional drama, the roles are casted to everyday objects and mechanisms that express our inner most material delights and instincts.


Fathers delight  2017

single channel HD video with sound

2 minutes, 39 seconds

Two channel video and sound installation

cotton fabric, cotton towel, felt, pillows

sweatshirt, jeans, bleached denim, wool sweater sleeves

clothing labels, synthetic fabric, embroidery

left : H: 168 cm W: 139 cm

Right :H: 145 cm w: 263 cm


Calor 2017

single channel HD video with sound

5 minutes, 8 seconds