Hypercomf is a multidisciplinary, conceptual design identity, materialized as a fictitious company profile, founded in 2017 by artists Ioannis Koliopoulos and Paola Palavidi. The company is based in Greece but its practice is predominately nomadic, producing on location, site and time specific projects and activities.

The company focuses on targeted collaborations with other artists, musicians, cinematographers, craftsmen as well as locations, the latter with a reoccurring focus on active industrial spaces.

The main themes of research are organic and digital networks and information, man-machine duality, comfort and discomfort.

Targeting the meeting points between primal emotional instincts and reactions, and the capabilities and comforts of an evolving global technology era. Looking at the digital synapses forming a neo-primal-self, framed in the advertising qualities that are informing the singular social cyber brain.

This research results in film production and the designing of audiovisual installations, costumes, tapestries, multi-functional wearables and discomforting soft seating spaces usually as viewing situations for short films. The materials used are mainly custom textiles, repurposed fabrics, electricity and industrial material and leftovers.

Hypercomf is a utopian business and production model evolving through a constantly developing impromptu narrative, created to investigate the state of self-branding and living the act of persuasion, using humor and all the necessary qualities to accommodate and bewilder.